DİNÇMAK Wood Working Machinery
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Dincmak has established by Saban DINC and his brothers Ali Riza and Adnan DINC who produce classical Woodworking Machinery.

Dincmak produced Classic Woodworking Machinery a long time. After 1990, Dincmak begin to interest to Copy Machines whichs are using in Woodworking Industry.

Customer requests and machines which are appropriate to work are Dincmak’s main principles.

23. Wood Processıng Machınery, Cuttıng Tool And Hand Tools We Attend Faır
16 - 20 Eylül 2010
October 16 to 20 held between 23 Woodworking Machinery, Cutting Tools and Hand Tools Exhibition us as DİNÇMAK Thank you for visiting.
Product Group
- Copy Lathes
- Copy Shapers
- Tenoner & Mortiser
- Chair Producing Machines
- Round Rod Making Machines
Service Area

- Chair-Table Production
- Stair Products
- Tool Handles
- Chandelier and Lighting Products
- Park Garden Decoration
- Wooden Tableware Products
- Brush Production