DİNÇMAK Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi


Dinçmak, manufactures Woodworking Machinery since 1979  and located on Bursa which is important Industrial city of Turkey. Dincmak serves the machines to the Furniture Manufacturers, whichs are helps to them easier, faster and more quality furnitures manufacturing.  

Dinçmak, aims to manufacture in high quality, technological and affordable prices machines. And spending effort for R&D, cooperate with official institutions for this aim. 

Dinçmak principle is be Pioneer and be leader on the innovative Woodworking Industry.



Support to Furniture Industry with manufacturing High Quality Machines,
Can Be Well-known, Preferred, Trusted Company in this industry.



Produce to SAFE, HIGH QUALTY and EASY TO USE machines,
with prioritizing of the Technology, science, experience and requirements of work,
developing new and current designs For the furniture industry.



To be Happy and satisfied Team in the work environment.
Value to Customer Confidence and Satisfaction constantly keep in the forefront,
Value to Social Environment Satisfaction and interests of the country